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Ricardo's a little taste of Italy & Mexico‚Äč 


Food Shots Food Shots A Party of Tostada's crispy corn tortilla's layered with refried beans, choice of toppings: beans, chicken, Picadillo, shrimp, cheese or sauteed mushrooms and peppers. 164272618 Alfredo - one of our 1999 originals Served with house made fettuccine and a selection of cheeses, real cream, chef's butter, a touch of garlic and look out mouth cause here I come!!! 164272619 Alfredo with Garlic Toast 164272623 House Cajun chicken Fresh fettuccine, real cream sauce, a house blend of Cajun spices, topped off with fresh cut green onions. and served with Ricardo's Garlic Toast 164272624 Chips n' Salsa Fresh corn chips and Pico de Gallo Salsa... 164272625 Ricardo's Awesome Meatloaf 5 oz of meat loaf, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, spread, our bread and Hand-cut Fried 164272630 one of Ricardo's Many sandwiches 164272633 Pasini Pasine with pasta, Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms and a splash of wine.. 164272634 soup and sandwich 164272635 Chicken Taquitos 4 corn tortillas hand rolled with seasoned hand-pulled chicken, served with Pico de Gallo and sour cream, here this dish has been served with rice and beans and chips 164272636 BBQ Pork ribs took it off the menu, nobody wanted it 173010508 Sopas not on menu, did not sell 192384155 Tostadas with beans, chicken, pork, picadillo or even shrimp 192384156 Best Caesar Salad Come on, homemade croutons, romaine lettuce, Ricardo's own dressing 192384159 Quesadilla |Daily soup and fried quesadilla 192384160 Daily soup one of our sandwiches with soup 192384161 Soup Daily soup with our bread 192384162 Caesar & Paninis One of our four types of paninis 192384163 Caesar with Meatloaf 192384164 Sandwich & Fries 192384165 Tquitos & Caesar Ricardo's makes their own Creamy Dill and Caesar Dressings. Croutons are from their In house made bread. 192384166 Grilled Quesadilla Choice of fillings: mushrooms, red peppers, Cajun chicke, picadillo or even shrimp can be added - extras 192384168 soup with tostadas 192384169 Raw corn tortillas 192384170 Toasting tortillas 192384171 Making of Sopas a little thicker then regular tortillas 192384172 Chicken Sopas sopa + refried beans + chicken + shredded lettuce + salsa + sour cream + cheese. 203702568 Chicken Cordon Bleu We only make this once a year for a fundraiser for our kids Educational programs. Last one was for our daughters University trip to Israel as part of her degree program. 205894974 206030247 206030248 206030249 206030250 206030251 206030252 206030253 206030254 206030255 206030256 206030257 206030258 206030259 206030260 206030261 206030262 206030263 206030264 206030265 206093179 206335391 206335392 206335393 206335394 206335395 206335396